Beachmere Refit

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Beachmere Refit

The owners of this beachfront home faced an ongoing problem in the form of noise and cold draughts from the strong offshore winds.

Due to the coastal location, this home also gets it’s share of extreme weather conditions which wreaks havok on most building materials due to their force and the high salt content in the air.

Their previous aluminium windows leaked and rattled in the wind, and let draughts through.  The owners had tried everything including taping up the windows and even propping an ironing board against them!

The solution was double laminated glass in casement windows from Earthsmart. Earthsmart u-PVC casement windows have a virtual airtight seal which reduces noise and eliminates draughts. Additionally, the laminated glass reduces noise.

As a result, the occupants can enjoy a draught free home with no wind noise, even during during cyclones and bad weather.

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