Manufacturing Efficiencies

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Manufacturing Efficiencies

Energy Consumption During Manufacture

Studies show that u-PVC consumes the least amount of energy during the manufacturing process.

This gives Earthsmart’s products a much smaller carbon footprint than your other options during manufacture.

During manufacture wood uses 1.5 times more energy and aluminium uses 2.8 times more energy than is required to produce u-PVC.

99% Efficiency in Manufacture

Earthsmart’s u-PVC has a manufacturing efficiency of 99%, as waste in the form of vinyl cuttings are easily reheated and reprocessed leaving only 1% of the raw materials as waste.

This is mainly due to the fact that waste in the form of vinyl cutting are easily reheated and reprocessed, leaving only 1% of the raw materials as waste. To put this in perspective, the processing of wood leaves between 50-65% waste, while aluminium processing leaves a whopping 80% waste.

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